Trade Services

Letter of Credit

Whenever you need to import goods into the country or export them overseas, PBZ can facilitate the process and provide the financial support to make it happen. We offer import and export letters of credit in Tanzania Shillings, USD, Pound Sterling and Euro for business entities, Ministries, projects and even individuals.


PBZ offers variety of Bank Guarantees to her customers to facilitate their business activities. The guarantees range from custom Bond, Bid Bond, Performance Bond, Advance Payment Bond and the like. All these bonds are issued at very competitive prices. Please contact our Trade Finance Unit for more information

Cheque for Clearance

PBZ participates in both Dar es Salaam Electronic Clearing House (DECH) and Zanzibar Electronic Clearing House (ZECH). DECH gives PBZ customers access to all the banks which do not participate in the Zanzibar Clearing House, most of which are located in Dar es Salaam or elsewhere in the country. ZECH on the other hand allows the bank customers to access their funds confined at other banks within the Zanzibar clearing zone. There is also a special clearing arrangement within Zanzibar clearing zone, in which our customers can get same day value hence the funds on their cheques.

Cheques for Collection

PBZ clearance of cheques is not limited to Zanzibar municipality or Tanzania clearing houses. Our customers can get their cheques drawn on overseas banks cleared within stipulated time frame. While physical instrument is always sent to the drawer's bank, funds when confirmed are sent to PBZ by SWIFT which makes it easy and fast to access.

Bankers Cheque

Some of the beneficiaries do not accept customers' cheques as mode of payment. This knock back comes when the beneficiary fears return of cheques for reason of insufficient funds. To eliminate this problem, PBZ issues its banker's cheques to such customers, in which the Bank becomes the drawer. This is a safe mode of payment by cheque. For more information on cheques clearance, please contact our Operations Departments on ………….